Ahad, 2 November 2008

Artis - Selangor (Ampang) NOV

PETALING JAYA: Actor Norman Hakim, whose marital problems were recently featured by entertainment tabloids, is now embroiled in another controversy.

He was caught for alleged khalwat (close proximity) with young actress Memey Suhaiza in his office in Ampang by Selangor Islamic Affairs Department officers at 3am on Thursday.

The department had received a tip-off. Both were fully clothed when arrested. They were brought to the Melawati police station for questioning.

The department’s Gombak enforcement head Khairul Hazri Sulaiman said his team rushed over to the office and knocked on the door but there was no answer.

He said they were about to break it down when Norman appeared.

Norman, 32, and Memey, 20, are expected to face trial at the Gombak Timur Syariah Lower Court in January.

When contacted, Norman did not deny the arrest. However, he insisted that it was a case of misunderstanding.

“I was having a meeting with four of my employees at my office at 10pm. Memey was one of those who attended the meeting,” said the Gerak Khas TV series actor who is married to his co-star Abby Abadi.

They have three children.

Norman said Memey had been helping him since August after a worker resigned.

He said that when he returned to the office at 1am, his management staff members had left and Memey was the only one there.

“Soon, I heard loud noises downstairs and saw the Jais officers outside,” he said.

Abby, who was shocked to learn about the incident, said their marriage would take a turn for the worse now.

“I’ve actually given up on my marriage. My feelings have not been taken into consideration for a long time now,” she said.

Memey, when contacted by Malay news portal mStar yesterday, said she was not aware that Norman was in the office at the time.

She only knew he was there when the raid was conducted.

“After a meeting that lasted until midnight, Norman left while a few of the staff and I were still in the office.

“The others then left and I was alone on the first floor of the office,” she said.

Memey said she was afraid to answer the door when she heard someone knocking and called Norman who appeared half an hour later.

“It was only then that I realised that Jais was conducting a raid and that Norman was on the second floor,” she added. - Source